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Roast Chicken Dinner & Roast Beef Dinner Packets

Our range of frozen meals includes Roast dinners, Classic family favourite recipes, as well as some Meat free favourites! Ready in just minutes, these meals are a great addition to any freezer, bringing delicious food to the table, whether it be a midweek meal or the classic Sunday roast! Across our range, there’s something for everyone

Bisto Quality

All our meals are all made with the Nation’s Favourite gravy or seasonings.

Our meals are frozen for locked-in goodness and made with top quality ingredients such as 100% cooked chicken breast* and 100% cooked beef**.

Classic Shepherd's Pie & Classic Chilli Con Carne Packets
Plated Chicken Hotpot

Our Food Facts

Most of our meals can be cooked from frozen in under 13 minutes.

All our Roasts are 1 of your 5 a day. Our meals are all made with the nations favourite gravy.

We cater for all tastes with dishes including beef, chicken, lamb as well as meat-free.

Why Frozen

Freezing is nature’s preservative, maintaining quality while removing the need to add preservatives into our Bisto products.

Eating frozen allows us to help reduce waste – our meals keep frozen for months, and so you can rely on our tasty frozen Bisto meals whenever you need them. All year round.

Frozen food is nutritionally just as good as fresh, as the freezing process keeps vitamins and minerals “locked in”.

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